wsgi-proxy command

The package also installs wsgi-proxy command on your system. It runs a proxy server on your system.

$ wsgi-proxy -p 8080

You can change the server implementation using --server option. Default is waitress.

$ wsgi-proxy --server wsgiref
$ wsgi-proxy --server cherrypy

WSGI application

The package provides a WSGI app that implements HTTP proxy as its name says. You can serve the application using any WSGI servers like Green Unicorn or Tornado. The application endpoint is: (or some servers accept wsgi_proxy:app).

The following list shows some examples:

Green Unicorn
$ pip install gunicorn
$ gunicorn wsgi_proxy:app
$ pip install tornado
from tornado.httpserver import HTTPServer
from tornado.ioloop import IOLoop
from tornado.wsgi import WSGIContainer
from wsgi_proxy import app

container = WSGIContainer(app)
http_server = HTTPServer(container)

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